A little bit of history about tea.

Tea was first tasted in China in about 350 BC.   In the 1600's, The Dutch East India Company was born to market tea all over Europe  as an exotic medicinal drink, but it was so expensive only the aristocracy could afford the tea and its serving pieces. 

Some of the brands we carry are: Yorkshire, including Yorkshire Gold and decaf, PG tips,Ty-Phoo, Scottish blend, Bewley's decaf blend, Glengettie  Nambarrie, a selection of International teas, Taylors of  Harrogate, Travel by book mugs, and of course old favourites like Horlicks, Ovaltine and Camp Coffee.

English bone china is becoming more and more difficult to find, but don't worry, here at dickens we have just purchased a large supply.  A variety of designs all original and in stock now,  the biggest supply in the Fraser Valley, some of them are quite rare and are collector pieces. 

    You will find the right gift in our tea shop for the tea lover or even for yourself !

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